Deposition Summary Services

Deposition Summary Services is an unavoidable and important area for a litigation.
Requires a strong understanding of the legal subject matter and evidentiary values.

Paralegal Associates is known for:

An outsourced deposition summary can save precious time and money at the time of litigation. 

Our Customized Deposition Summarization Service

  • Identifying and analyzing depositions.
  • Drafting depositions relevant to the clients’ case.
  • Three line summary template with a page: line citation along with other minute details
  • Two-line summary with a page: line citation along with other minute details
  • Summary with pin citation
  • Summary with continuous citation
  • Ensuring conformity with the law firms to maintain standards

Our Customized Deposition Summarization Service


Spell Checks & Grammars

Using Approximations

A personal Injury demand letter is a way of intimating the other party what you are willing to accept to settle your claim. The letter should clearly state the accident that you were involved in. The letter should be factual and truthful.

While drafting a demand letter the spell checks, grammar and details are as important as the layout of the demand letter. The aesthetic of the draft is important and therefore the document should look professional and error-free.

While discussing an event certain generality like slight measurements differentiation can be used to provide approximation as your mind can play tricks at the time of stress.  

Need for Outsourced Deposition Summaries

Advantages of Outsourced Deposition Summaries

  • Testimonies collected at the time of deposition can provide invaluable information and wade through numerous pages can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Deposition summaries can help you figure out the main points from each deposition.
  • This may help to better manage time and build your case.
  • It is always easier and more beneficial to work with a firm that provides professional and reliable deposition summary rather than using a novice paralegal or legal assistant at your firm who has a little or no knowledge of doing a deposition summary.
  • It is a more cost-effective solution to choose a firm as insurance companies reimburse law firm at the firm’s hourly rate for preparing the summary.

How Deposition Summary Service at Paralegal Associates Works

Why Choose Paralegal Associates for Deposition Summary Service?

  • The service is provided by skilled, trained professionals who understand and have experience in the areas of law that your legal matters cover.
  • When a client provides deposition testimony, the deposition summary team acts quickly to review and brings it down to a few key points into a summary document.
  • The summaries are then proofread and checked for quality and consistency.
  • As time is of the essence in litigation matter; therefore, our professionals are quick to provide deposition summaries in your preferred format.
  • Ergo, you can truly be confident that client and firm confidentiality will be strictly maintained at all times.
  • We understand the challenges that come with any type of litigation so we offer a full range of deposition services, including deposition transcripts and deposition summary services.
  • We were founded in 2014 and we serve law firms and independent attorneys providing dependable and cost-efficient services.
  • Our services are designed to give attorneys the tools and time they need to focus on representing their clients rather than being stuck in administrative processes.
  • Our services are friendly, reliable and professional.
  • You may utilize deposition summaries for event-driven litigation and we can provide the information to your firm quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Fee Models

Fee Models – We offer the best and customized rates for each of the services offered. Let’s discuss the same over a quick call.