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Get Enhanced Medical Records Review Services

Team of well trained and experienced professionals and medical professionals can assist you in –


1. Upload Medical Records on Paralegal Associates

2. Focus on More Important Aspects of Case

  • You only have to send us your medical records request information by way of our secure online portal.
  • You get real time, 24/7 access to the status of your request through our online tracker which is shared with you to get instant update on status / stage of request.
  • Our team logs in to every call that is made and every post that is sent requesting for status update.
  • You can download your records by way of our online database which is secure and encrypted.
  • Certificates of “No Records Found” shall be automatically issued by our team.
  • Upon request our team can also send our delegated agent for a pick up, copy and digitize paper records.

Inclusions in Medical Record Review Services

Sorting & Collating

Narrative Summary

  • We analyze, sort and rearrange all of the received medical records in a chronological order, and provide a systematic presentation of the information, which is easy to review.
  • Initial organization of the medical records help in identifying missing records and duplicates of already existing records.
  • Bates stamping of medical records is done to help keep the files organized.
  • Organization and review of medical records by Medical Professionals like M.B.B.S. Doctors, Physicians. Chronological presentation of record summary for better understanding of sequence of events.
  • Narrative summary is ideal for demand and deposition preparation. Identification of duplicate and missing records.
  • Deliverables in WORD and PDF formats.

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